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jww walk"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain

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DragonBack Trek

Trek up a rugged mountain ridge.
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Wild Mountain Trek

Up a steep jungle mountain to a 360º view of the valley.
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Jungle Waterfall Treks

Wild treks to hidden waterfalls.
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Jungle Wet & Wild Trek

A wet hike up wild jungle streams. A test of fitness and balance.

Waterfall Trek & Abseil

Get a rush close-up to waterfalls.
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Paradise Falls

 Venture to the best set of mountain waterfalls in Malaysia.

Real Jungle Camping

Right in the heart of the jungle.

Photo Gallery

A visual foretaste of the jungle adventures with us.

Outdoor Adventures

bush_walkWelcome to OpenSkyUnlimited!


Malaysia holds countless gems of tropical jungle trails. Easily under-estimated, even under appreciated, there are a few locations near KL are simply breathtaking. Based right here in KL city, we'll lead you to some of the best kept secrets in the Malaysian tropical jungle. Read more.


About us

How can 2 friends raise the standard of outdoor adventure services in Malaysia? By starting right here. Join us in our backyard - the Malaysian Outdoors. Read more...

Who We Are


24 Oct 2013: News & Updates

Into the wild we go!

We've been dubbed as a "boutique" adventure company and we think it fits really well. From a group of 4 to 8 persons per trip, it's gets quite cosy. Reviews on hopefully gives our future guests essential clues that we are NOT heading to the tourists traps where busloads converge at the head of a trail into the jungle. The spots we go to (for adventure and good food) are hidden from travel companies (for now). We balance our trips with elements of danger, fun, thrills in the wild tropical jungle with the reward of either a beautiful waterfall or a breathtaking view from a mountain top - and end with good food - very Malaysian style.


Between October to February, will be monsoon/rainy season for Malaysia. What's good for us tho', most of the monsoon rain in the season will be in the afternoons - which is great that our trips are mostly done by the time the storms come in. Still, if you are the adventurous kind, rain or shine, nothing's gonna stop you from going outdoors for some fun!


For an overview of the tropical jungle adventure trip we guide you to, click here.


We definitely recommend some fitness to fully enjoy our adventures. Do give us enough booking time (at least 2 days) to check availability. If not, just try your luck. Drop us a note!


View our photos here: 

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EPIC: Paradise Falls Adventure

ParadiseFalls trip posters


"Probably the best set of waterfalls in Malaysia. From big to huge waterfalls. Untouched by any development, this location is alive with traces of wildlife. With epic climbs, this is a good vertical hike up a mountain side which boasts of 43 waterfalls. Some tower above 12 stories high have the power to mesmerize, stun and awe you into dreams of never leaving. The Paradise Falls Adventure Trip is definitely for the adventurous, courageous and physically fit. "


Little known but we believe it is the best set of large waterfalls in Peninsular Malaysia. It's a 3-hour drive out of KL City, with a 45-min 4WD drive section, it's ideal for anyone who wants a truly exotic jungle adventure that's hidden up in the mountains. Still teeming with fresh signs of wildlife, the trail we'll trek up is very steep and winds up the side of the mountain. On the trail, we are never far away from the roaring waterfalls. You will feel like a midget when we walk on huge rock surfaces and face giant waterfalls. The higher we go, the bigger the falls are - some over 12-storeys high. Which is why we have a waterfall abseil option. Read more.


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New Trips in 2013

For 2013, we've opened 2 new trips. The keyword is "mountain". Which means longer trekking under the tropical jungle canopy, and more time to absorb the sounds and the sights of the rainforest. Of course, don't forget the beautiful waterfall at the end of the trail.


OSU-trekabseil 190113 52


Jungle Mountain Waterfalls Trek

"A real rainforest adventure beyond the common trek.Trek thru some deep tropical jungle, clamber over rocks and thru little streams to discover a hidden and huge waterfall where the breeze and the spray from the waterfall is like a free shower in the jungle. Walk behind the waterfall curtain and enjoy the thunderous sound from the waterfall. You just may end up dirty, sweaty and muddy with a smile on your face." Click here to read more.


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Jungle Mountain Waterfall Abseil

"First stop at a quaint little colonial town away from KL City for breakfast. Then we head to the jungle trek. Take a 2.5-hour trek through the jungle, feeling like the first to discover this secret theme park. Like explorers, this adventure will give you a great workout and some breathtaking waterfall. Up in the mountains, hidden amongst the the thick jungle, a 45-meter waterfall awaits us, to spray, shower, drench us with its sweet, clear and pristine water! Fancy a walk down this giant?" Click here to read more.

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Off the beaten sidewalk

Off the beaten sidewalk, into the bush!


Before we started, we joked about how many tourist are wondering around KL thinking "Is this all there is to KL - food, towers, malls and parks?" Then it dawned on us that we could give them an option to get out of the beaten sidewalk. So instead of crossing dangerously thru the busy street of zooming cars in the city, they could cross riverstreams and risk getting their pants wet, instead. Or instead of just towers, they could view the city from an actual mountain nearby. So, here we are. If you are ready to sweat but be rewarded by beautiful nature, let's get into the bush, today... I mean give us 2 days' warning and off we go!


We definitely recommend some fitness to fully enjoy our adventures. Do give us enough time (at least 2 days) to check availability. Drop us a note!
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Rainy season? No problem.

Rainy season? It's no bother!


Yes, we are right smack in the middle of the rainy season here in Malaysia. Also known as monsoon season, it usually starts around mid-October and ends in mid-February. It rains cats & dogs... and sometimes some camels and elephants. We are talking about very heavy rain. HOWEVER, it rains mainly in the afternoons or evenings. Yes, almost like clockwork. Which is good news for all our adventure activities. By 3-4pm, on all our trips, we are either dropped our guests' at their hotel, having a late lunch or driving back to the KL city. Rainy season, no obstacles to some fun wild adventure! Still, there are days where weather does take a break from the regular schedule.


What's great about the rainy season for Open Sky Unlimited?
Fruits, lotsa local tropical fruits everywhere. Clear skies in the mornings for excellent viewing on the mountain treks! Hot, muggy and humid weather in the daytime - so a trip to the waterfall pool in cool refreshing streams is like medicine to counter the weather!


All of our treks start early. Mostly by 6.30am - which has its benefits, like beating traffic jams, get under the jungle canopy before the sun is strong, mist in the mountains, catch a glimpse or hear wildlife waking up, beat the rain storms and it's always good to exercise in the mornings!

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How to book with us

As we have a sensible policy (for economic purposes) of a minimum of 2 persons to START a trip, we encourage single travelers to join ongoing trips where space is available by dropping a note thru our enquiry form.


If you are traveling in a minimum of 2 persons and roughly know what dates you'd like to go on a trip go ahead to send us a booking request.


What to do?
1. Go to contact us page
2. Write us a booking request
3. Confirm availability & complete booking


View our photos here:


Give us your permission to show you the wild and beautiful Malaysian outdoors.
Read what our guests say about us, here.

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Explore the Tropical Jungle

Explore the Tropical Jungle!


Well, if this is your first time in Malaysia, welcome! Take an adventure out of the city and experience the magic of our wild and wonderful tropical jungle (not a park).


Near KL city, there are many jungle spots to visit and all you will hear is the tropical jungle symphony and the fresh-flowing river streams. These get-a-ways are like an escape to a jungle paradise, away from the bustling sounds of a city. From a breathtaking view of a hidden lake to diving into a waterfall pool, we will lead you into an experience into nature that will seem like a fantasy. How's that for a sale's pitch? But, seriously, just look at our photos and tell us how you would describe it. View our photos here:


That's what we do... and we love it! Give us your permission to show you our beautiful Malaysian outdoors. Read what our guests say about us, here.

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Tropical Jungle Training

We were on training again. This time from March 22-27, 2012 on a Tropical Jungle Training under some ex-military rangers. Staying in a rainforest, which we did not notice until after we got our was that it is actually really dim in the tropical jungle. The canopy up top cuts off much of the sun. The day we came out and make our way home, everything felt clearer and crisp visually. 


After 6 days training in the jungle, chopping wood, trekking, catching fish/shrimps and eating sardines, baked beans and rice, Kevin's lost about 6 kg... So we are a little lighter and a little smarter.


We've learned a lot more about the fauna of our tropical rainforest. The array of edible and herbal medicinal values of the fauna and flora (fancy words for plants and trees) of the Malaysian tropical jungle seem too many to remember. The few we do remember, however, makes it an even more interesting trek through the jungle for our guests!

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We are WooFeRs

In March 2011, we went to India to do a Wilderness First Responder Course (WFR) ran by NOLS India. WFR is a Wilderness Medicine Institute (WMI) course run by NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School). Our instructors came from the US and Australia. As qualified Wilderness First Responders, we are also known, affectionately as WooFeRs.


The Wilderness First Responder Course, we attended, was an 80-hour curriculum that included standards for urban and extended care situations. Special topics included but are not limited to: wound management and infection, realigning fractures and dislocations, improvised splinting techniques, patient monitoring and long term management problems, up-to-date information on all environmental emergencies, plus advice on drug therapies. Emphasis was placed on prevention and decision-making, not the memorization of lists. What does it mean for you? Read more

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MOUNTAIN & JUNGLE TREKKING, CANYONING, ABSEILING AND CLIMBING ARE DANGEROUS SPORTS! Involvement in jungle trekking, canyoning, abseiling, waterfalls, rivers, streams and rock climbing carries a significant risk of personal injury or death. DO THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK! The creator of this site, contributors to this site, and Open Sky Unlimited recommend the use of professional instructors before entering into the sport/ trips. Please become knowledgeable about the risks involved and be willing to assume personal responsibility for your actions.